Vintage Va Va Voom!

Just when we thought our English summer was being ‘festivaled out’, along comes Vintage – a fresh new filly from the festival stables, all dressed up and rearing to go.

You will have all heard about Vintage from our Vintage at Goodwod competition, and really hope the lucky lady winner  Amy had as much fun there as I did – and had checked the weather forecast and gone prepared for the rain.  For rain it did, and in common with all events the world over, there are never enough facilities for keeping dry or marquees to dive into and I pity all those ladies who pushed the boat out and went in top to toe glamour as they are scraping mud off their heels this morning.

So what is Vintage?  Essentially, a celebration of the best of British over five decades from the 40′s to the 80′s, incorporating music, art, cinema and of course, fashion, fashion and fashion – and all based in the most stunning location on the Goodwood estate in West Sussex. Vintage is a boutique festival, with the emphasis on style and glamour, a place where you can live your spitfire pilot or Marilyn Monroe fantasy, or just an excuse to dig out the old Afghan coat and kaftan and wear flowers in your hair.  Vintage is turning back the clock and embracing nostalgia without embarassing your kids who can lose themselves on the fairground whilst you chill out to music like Earth Wind and Fire, the Faces and Sandie Shaw.   Have your hair backcombed and make up done in the Beauty Box on the pop up High Street, the main focus of the event, pop into Fortnum and Masons and wander through the stalls to pick up some fashion bargains.

I think Vintage will be a great success and the place to be,  but I’d like to think next year will see some changes.  Better disabled facilities – have you ever pushed a wheelchair up a slippery, muddy wet hill? – more dry areas, the high street should stay open during the evening, more than one ‘Beauty Box’ outlet as all the appointments were fully booked and more inside eating facilities.

I went with a friend for the day and  can’t comment on the camping side, so maybe Amy you could let us know how you got on?  It would be great to hear your thoughts, so do please let us know.

Keep the comments coming!

Marigold xx

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One Response to “Vintage Va Va Voom!”

  1. Natasha Bailie said:

    I found VaG to be very “Dress up” and not very vintage?! I also could not belive the commercialism of such a “vintage” event…Primark?!
    Totally agree about wheelchairs – must have been a nightmare?? Even with woodchips. Hopefully the organisers will do even better next year ;)

    August 25th, 2010 at 5:18 pm