Not a good week

I have no-one to blame but myself, but it hasn’t been a good week detox wise.  My resolve hasn’t slipped,  but one weekend at Goodwood Revival has done a disproportionate amount of damage to my otherwise squeaky clean detox.

I’m telling myself its because I’d been eating such a clean diet that a sudden change of eating and drinking had such an effect.  And believe me reader when I tell you that I was still being careful.  It didn’t help that it was very, very cold one day which meant I just had to snack to keep warm – and of course drink coffee!   It’s also been pretty stressful work wise, and I’m convinced that has had as much impact on my digestion and metabolism as any calorific intake.

This weekend is going to be a quiet one (when have you thought that before, only to find yourself at the supermarket minutes before closing time on Saturday evening, trying to rustle up dinner a Nigella from a few trodden cabbage leaves and 2 chicken breasts?) so no excuse not to get back on the very straight and painfully narrow.

More next week!

marigold x

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