ANOTHER Q&A INTERVIEW WITH ONE OF OUR WELL LOVED ACTORS BARRY JACKSON, we see him every week in Midsomer Murders, learn more about him here…. 


 His film roles include: Ryan’s Daughter, Barry Lyndon, Aces High, The Raging Moon, Mr. Love and Wimbledon.

TV credits include: A for Andromeda, The Mask of Janus, Adam Adamant Lives!, Doctor Who, Z-Cars, Dixon of Dock Green, The Troubleshooters, Doomwatch, Poldark, Oil Strike North, The New Avengers, Secret Army, Blake’s 7, The Professionals, Coronation Street, Enemy at the Door, All Creatures Great and Small, Minder, Bergerac, Lovejoy, Casualty, Peak Practice, Silent Witness, Kavanagh QC, The Bill, A Touch of Frost, Holby City, Heartbeat and Midsomer Murders.

And he appeared in Doctor Who in the original shows run including the stories The Romans and in the episode Mission to the Unknown which served as a prequel to the epic The Daleks’ Master Plan. He also played Drax, a schoolchum of the Doctor, in the Fourth Doctor story The Armageddon Factor.



Cupcake   do you twitter?
B: no

Cupcake    I love black and white movies. Do you have a favourite genre of film, maybe horror or  Film Noir, comedy or documentary?
B: European (not English) and Japanese (Classics)

Cupcake  What was the last thing you read?
B: Focus by Arthur Miller

Cupcake     What’s your favourite comedy TV programme, present or past? 
 B: Dad’s Army – The Fast Show

Cupcake     cosy night in or fave restaurant?
B: Night in

 Cupcake     Although the news is generally all doom and gloom at the moment, what do you feel is man’s greatest accomplishment, so far?
B: Humanistic Atheism

Cupcake     Bath or shower?
B: Bath

Cupcake     If you could only take one bottle of good wine on a desert island which would it be, red or white?
B: red

Cupcake     Chocolate or cheese?
B: cheese

Cupcake     What would say is your most annoying habit? and best attribute?
B: Habitually wearing old or working clothes, but a good listener.
Cupcake     Beatles or Santana ?
B: Bit of both

Cupcake     What  would your ’bucket list’ include? name  4 or 5 things you simply have to do  before…
B: Get my bees through the winter. Plant raspberries, garlic, onions. Make that coffee table I designed years ago, keep the rain out of my workshop.

Cupcake    What’s your signature dish in the kitchen, beans on toast or the Sunday Roast or?
B: Homemade soup from allotment veg with homebaked bread. Home-roasted coffee after.

Cupcake     ice cream or summer pudding?
B: Summer pudding

Cupcake      spend or save?
B: Save then spend.

Cupcake     What is the best bit of advice anyone has given you?
B:” Stay on your marks when they say CUT ”

Cupcake     do you forgive easily?
B: Yes, but I also remember badly.

Cupcake   favourite  Beatle record?
B: Penny Lane

Cupcake    gym or run
B: Hate gyms, can’t run but Pilates.

Cupcake    cashmere or silk
B: Cashmere

 Cupcake    What is your favourite magazine?
B: The Week

Cupcake    Bird or beast?
B: All life

Cupcake    What is your favourite pudding?
B: Making Love

Cupcake  Are you happier with the dresscode of smart or casual?
B: Casual

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  1. Grace said:

    Wonderful!! Who’s next?!

    October 14th, 2010 at 6:24 pm