Here is our Q&A interview with this lovely lady.

Corrinne started her career in television as a casting assistant on such programmes as “Prime Suspect”, “Dalziel and Pascoe” and The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, before deciding to switch to an acting career.

In addition to her appearances for five years in the daily soap opera Doctors, Corrinne has also appeared in several other shows including Harbour Lights, The Bill, Holby City, and played a barrister in Life on Mars. During her appearances on Doctors, Wicks garnered a mainly male following on the internet as a result of her voluptuous figure, earning her the nickname of ‘Dr. Norks’. Corrinne also appeared on the special charity “TV Medics” edition of The Weakest Link in December 2001.

She joined the regular cast of Emmerdale in November 2010 as Ella Hart, the ex-wife of Declan Macey. The character of Ella Hart will give her the chance to be more provocative and flirtatious than many of her previous screen credits has allowed, she may be a beautiful busty blond but she is all class.

Corrinne received a Best Actress nomination at the Royal Television Society Awards (RTS) in both 2004 and 2005.

As well as her newly appointed role in Emmerdale, Corrinne cross-channeled for the BBC’s adaptation of Nigel Slater’s best selling memoir Toast (January 2011) playing young Nigel’s lusty secondary school teacher.

CUPCAKE    do you twitter?  

CW   No. 

CUPCAKE    prefer sun or snow?

CW   Both.  I love the seasons.

 CUPCAKE    I love black and white movies. Do you have a favourite genre of film,  maybe horror or Film Noir, comedy or documentary?

CW      I love the movies.  I don’t have a favourite genre but my least faves are  Horror and Westerns.

CUPCAKE     What was the last thing you read?

CW         Just finished The God of Small Things and just picked up The Great Gatsby.

CUPCAKE     What’s your favourite comedy TV programme, present or past?

CW   That’s a tough one…. there are so many…. Father Ted, Friends, Extras, The Day Today….

CUPCAKE     cosy night in or fav restaurant? 

CW   I love both depending on how confident I’m feeling but I’d probably would chose the cosy night in more often.

CUPCAKE     Which do you find more rewarding acting on stage or screen?

CW   I love both.  They are so different and so similar in so many ways that it’s hard to choose.

CUPCAKE     Although the news is generally all doom and gloom at the moment, what do you feel is man’s greatest accomplishment, so far?

CW   Getting this far without annihilating ourselves is pretty good.

CUPCAKE     Bath or shower?

CW   A shower everyday and a bath for a treat on a cold night.

CUPCAKE     If you could only take one bottle of good wine on a desert island which  would it be, red or white?

CW   I don’t drink wine so I’d choose Earl Grey tea of Grey Goose Vodka.

CUPCAKE     Chocolate or cheese?

CW   Cheese.

CUPCAKE     What would say is your most annoying habit? and best attribute?

CW       I can be obsessively tidy…. and….I can be obsessively tidy.

CUPCAKE     Beatles or Santana ?

CW   The Beatles.

CUPCAKE     What  would your ’bucket list’ include? name  4 or 5 things you simply have to do before……!

CW      Not sure I like the idea of ticking off things on a life list…. it’s like the shorter the list becomes the closer you are to death.  I prefer the idea of  continually adding to a list of things I’ve accomplished rather than the other way around.

CUPCAKE     What’s your signature dish in the kitchen, beans on toast or the Sunday  Roast or?

CW   Curry Sauce on toast with processed cheese and raw onion or my new dish, Pepperami and  cous cous.  As you can tell, cooking isn’t my strong point but having said that I can do a  Sunday Roast because you just shove it all in the oven and wait.

CUPCAKE      ice cream or summer pudding?

CW   I don’t like cold foods but if I had to have a cold pud I’d choose  Butterscotch Angel Delight or Banoffee Pie.

CUPCAKE    are you an early bird or a night owl?

CW   Neither.  I love bed too much to give it up without a fight.

CUPCAKE      spend or save?

CW   Save.

CUPAKE     What is the best bit of advice anyone has given you?

CW   I’ve had lots but “worry is interest paid before it’s due” is one of the  best.

CUPCAKE     do you forgive easily?

CW   I do forgive though it’s not always easy.

CUPCAKE    email or snail mail?

CW   Snail mail but I am increasingly giving in to the convenience of email.

CUPCAKE    what one thing couldn’t you get through the weekend without

CW   The Eastenders Omnibus.

CUPCAKE    who is your hero?

CW   One of the people I most admire at the moment is Frank Gardner, the  Middle East Correspondent.  He’s fantastic and his courage is amazing.

CUPCAKE     Saturday night in….takeaway or homecooking?

CW   I think the fact that I’d choose takeaway will come as no surprise to those  who have read my earlier answer on cooking.

CUPCAKE    gym or run

CW   No thank you.

ACUPCAKE   what is your greatest extravagance?

CW   Creme de la Mer.

CUPCAKE    which word (or phrase) do you overuse?

CW   Yes.

CUPCAKE    cashmere or silk

CW   Depends on the weather.

CUPCAKE     What is your favourite magazine?

CW   I don’t buy magazines regularly but enjoy the glossys when I’m in the hairdressers and  quite like Grazia.  I occasionally get Empire too.

CUPCAKE    Bird or beast?

CW   Both, but not as pets.

CUPCAKE     What is your favourite pudding?

CW   I love hot puddings.  Gooseberry and rhubarb crumble or lemon and sugar pancakes  probably top the list.

CUPCAKE     Are you happier with the dress code of smart or casual?

CW   Smart.

CUPCAKE     What is your idea of perfect happiness?

CW   The complete absence of anxiety and the presence of joy.  No money or health worries for  myself or those I love.  A  holiday when I have a job to come back to is pretty good too.

CUPCAKE    What is your motto or mantra?

CW   It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

My thanks to Corrinne xxxx

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  1. Amanda Meadowcroft said:

    Hi Corinne i have watched you in Emmerdale on several occasions an dwould just like to comment on how gr8 the storyline that your doing is and what a terrific actress you are. Amanda Meadowcroft xxx

    May 21st, 2011 at 3:25 pm