Whitewash Christmas

We’ve dusted down our winter coats, set our watches to Strictly O’clock and said goodbye to our summer. There’s a faint smell of nutmeg and cinnamon around, shops and car parks are beginning to throb and I’ve even spotted Santa. This is the time of year to draw the curtains early, throw on another layer and settle down to an evening of TV with comfort cooking and a good book, and feel safe in the age defying properties of low lighting and candles and the knowledge that there is at least 6 months before summer dresses show the signs of an excess of mince pies. And just when we all want to feel safe in a warm and womb like environment, I’ve decided to paint my house white.

I’ve always been a beige/grey/cream/taupe sort of girl. Farrow and Ball could have launched a whole paint range based on my experiences with Homebase and colour charts. My rooms have been frog spawn, dead mouse, cold porridge and Scottish moor. And up until now I’ve really thought they’ve been the dogs bollocks – is that a colour? But essentially I’m a lover of light and try as I might to get that real freshness in to these rooms with bright cushions and accessories (and let’s face it , how many men like cushions everywhere?) my heart and colour chart hankers after the Dulux brilliant white dog and the image of health and vitality it conveyed as it graced our small screens. If you don’t know what I mean, I’m afraid you are showing your untimely youth! Don’t misunderstand me – Farrow and Ball have been one of this country’s great interior design beacons in recent times. Their colours are effortlessly warm and classy and I have no doubts I’ll soon be returning to their tonal shores, but I blame the White Company and their deluge of catalogues, with their beautiful, cool and calm interiors featuring smiley, shiny people, scrubbed and rosy children and abundance of WHITE!

I have no doubts I’m giving myself huge amounts of added stress in the run up to Christmas, but I’m a stubborn and single minded kind of girl who won’t be told. Don’t even try. I, for one, will have a white Christmas.

Marigold xx

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